About us

Welcome to Tillex universe

… a 100% Danish-produced range

Tillex is a 100% Danish-owned company founded by Poul Tillegreen in 1954. Poul Tillegreen was a market individualist and managed to develop and stick to his ideas in the face of cut-throat competition from abroad. Today, Tillex is an ultramodern, competitive company specializing in the manufacture and sale of fastenings for a steadily growing product range to leading wholesalers.
From the outset, Tillex has aimed to deliver the best products at the best price without compromising on quality. This is partly explained by the unique spirit of teamwork that has always prevailed at the company, as well as an incessant urge to be innovative and an inquisitiveness that naturally leads to renewal.

From Plastic Powder to Finished Goods

Tillex uses only high-quality plastic materials, such as polypropylene, polystyrene, polyethylene and nylon, and all nails and screws are manufactured in top-quality steel.

The Brand

By now, most people are familiar with the Tillex name, our product range and our easy-to-recognise packaging. We are obviously proud of this, but it does not mean we can afford to rest on our laurels. We are constantly developing our products to keep them up to date, so they continue to meet the expectations of our customers and ourselves.
Similarly, we have new ideas on the drawing board at all times. We are motivated by the urge to develop and innovate.

Internal Production

All of Tillex’s manufacturing processes take place in the company’s own facilities at our address in Ringsted, Denmark. Not everybody believes this is still possible in a highly competitive market, but we are convinced – and we know from experience – that we can manufacture our own products much better in Ringsted than abroad. This also enables us to guarantee uniform quality year in and year out.
Tillex has existed in Denmark for more than 60 years, thanks to our unique, high-quality products. And we look forward to the next 60 years with our host of satisfied customers.

Kim Tillegreen,