Cable clips for flat lead

Plastmaterial: Impact resistant, UV-stabilized polypropylene. Halogen free.
Nail: Hardened steel, electrolytical zinc plated (10 µ) Corrosion Class C4.

  • For use in most materials.
  • In concrete, lightweight concrete and brick use it together with Tillex plugs for cable clips.
  • Corrosion class C4 provides a high level of outdoor protection.

Building Materials

  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Lightweight concrete



Product Specifications

Ref. no.EANTypeNail, mmColourPieces in a boxBoxes in a pallet
1100155701925102705C 2x4 C1,2x16Natural / clear100 pcs.4200 boxes
1100305701925102408C 3x5 C1,2x20Natural / clear100 pcs.4200 boxes
1100505701925102316C 3x5 W1,2x20White100 pcs.4200 boxes
1100605701925100978C 3x5 Br1,2x20Brown100 pcs.4200 boxes
1100805701925105881C 3x5 B1,2x20Black100 pcs.4200 boxes
1101155701925101807C 4x6 C1,2x20Natural / clear100 pcs.4200 boxes
1101355701925103276C 5x8 W2,0x25White100 pcs.2200 boxes
1101305701925100602C 5x8 Br2,0x25Brown100 pcs.2200 boxes
1101375701925110137C 5x8 DG2,0x25Dark grey100 pcs.2200 boxes
1101505701925103412C 6X9 W1,8X25White100 pcs.2200 boxes
1101385701925110168C 6x9 DG1,8x25Dark grey100 pcs.2200 boxes
1101805701925103016C 6x10 W2,0x25White100 pcs.2200 boxes
1101825701925110182C 6x10 DG2,0x25Dark grey100 pcs.2200 boxes
1102005701925103917C 7x14 W2,0x25White100 pcs.1200 boxes
1101455701925106079C 5x8 G2,0x25Grey100 pcs.2200 boxes
1101515701925110151C 6x9 G1,8x25Grey100 pcs.2200 boxes
1101995701925110199C 6x10 G2,0x25Grey100 pcs.2200 boxes
1102055701925110205C 7x14 G2,0x25Grey100 pcs.1200 boxes
1102125701925110212C 7x14 DG2,0x25Dark grey100 pcs.1200 boxes
1103115701925110133C 9x18 W2,0x30White100 pcs.1200 boxes
1103045701925110304C 9x18 G2,0x30Grey100 pcs.1200 boxes
1103285701925110328C 9x18 DG2,0x30Dark grey100 pcs.1200 boxes
1103305701925110330C 11x22 W2,0x35White100 pcs.1200 boxes
1104035701925110403C 14x28 W2,5x40White50 pcs.1200 boxes