Cable clips for round lead, Tillex XXL

Plastmaterial: Impact resistant, UV-stabilized polypropylene. Halogen free.
Nail: Hardened steel, electrolytical zinc plated (10 µ) Corrosion Class C4.

  • For use in most materials.
  • In concrete, lightweight concrete and brick use it together with Tillex plugs for cable clips.
  • Nail of corrosivity class C4 provides a high level of outdoor protection.


Building Materials

  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Lightweight concrete



Product Specifications

Ref. no.EANTypeNail, mmColourPieces in a box
1090185701925109018C 8-12 W2,0x30White3000 pcs.
1091175701925109117C 10-14 W2,0x30White2000 pcs.
1092165701925109216C 12-16 W2,0x35White1500 pcs.
1093155701925109315C 14-20 W2,0x35White2000 pcs.