Cable clips with screw for round lead

Plastmaterial: High impact elastic polypropylene. Halogen free and UV-stabilized.
Screw: Strong concrete screw, Corrosion Class C4, PH2 / Torx 20. Can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

  • For concrete and tile: screw directly into 4 mm hole – no plug required.
  • For 13 mm single-layer plasterboard: mount using yellow plug (KP yellow).
  • For double-layer plasterboard – no plug required. If screw “goes over”, mount using yellow plug (KP yellow) in the created hole.
  • For 13 mm single-layer plasterboard on metal profile – no plug required.
  • For wood, fibreboard and plywood: screw directly into material.
  • For aerated concrete: mount using yellow plug (KPyellow). For densities above 600, screw directly into concrete.
  • Installation torque: max 6,3 Nm in concrete C20/25.

Building Materials

  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Lightweight concrete
  • Plasterboard
  • Wood
  • Plywood


Screw Types

  • PH2
  • T20

Product Specifications

Ref. no.EANTypeScrew, mmScrew typeDrill ØColourPieces in a boxBoxes in a pallet
1700655701925171015SC-C4 7-10 W5x33PH24White100 pcs.1200 boxes
1700705701925171176SC-C4 7-10 G5x33PH24Grey100 pcs.1200 boxes
1700755701925 171282SC-C4 7-10 B5x33PH24Black100 pcs.1200 boxes
1700855701 925171312SC-C4 8-12 W5x33PH24White100 pcs.800 boxes
1700905701 925171473SC-C4 8-12 G5x33PH24Grey100 pcs.800 boxes
1700955701 925171589SC-C4 8-12 B5x33PH24Black100 pcs.800 boxes
1700055701925170117SC-C4 10-14 W5x40PH24White100 pcs.800 boxes
1700105701925170278SC-C4 10-14 G5x40PH24Grey100 pcs.800 boxes
1700155701925170780SC-C4 10-14 B5x40PH24Black100 pcs.800 boxes
1700255701925170315SC-C4 14-18 W5x40PH24White100 pcs.800 boxes
1700305701925170476SC-C4 14-18 G5x40PH24Grey100 pcs.800 boxes
1700355701925170889SC-C4 14-18 B5x40PH24Black100 pcs.800 boxes
1700455701925170513SC-C4 18-22 W5x45PH24White50 pcs.800 boxes
1700505701925170674SC-C4 18-22 G5x45PH24Grey50 pcs.800 boxes
1700555701925170988SC-C4 18-22 B5x45PH24Black50 pcs.800 boxes
1701005701925170100SC-C4 22-26 W5x45PH24White50 pcs.800 boxes
1701055701925170018SC-C4 22-26 G5x45PH24Grey50 pcs.800 boxes
1701105701925170025SC-C4 22-26 B5x45PH24Black50 pcs.800 boxes
1800005701925180000SC-C4 7-10 W5x33T-204White100 pcs.1200 boxes
1800175701925180017SC-C4 7-10 G5x33T-204Grey100 pcs.1200 boxes
1800245701925180024SC-C4 7-10 B5x33T-204Black100 pcs.1200 boxes
1800555701925180055SC-C4 8-12 W5x33T-204White100 pcs.800 boxes
1800625701925180062SC-C4 8-12 G5x33T-204Grey100 pcs.800 boxes
1800795701925180079SC-C4 8-12 B5x33T-204Black100 pcs.800 boxes
1800865701925180086SC-C4 10-14 W5x40T-204White100 pcs.800 boxes
1800935701925180093SC-C4 10-14 G5x40T-204Grey100 pcs.800 boxes
1801095701925180109SC-C4 10-14 B5x40T-204Black100 pcs.800 boxes
1801165701925180116SC-C4 14-18 W5x40T-204White100 pcs.800 boxes
1801235701925180123SC-C4 14-18 G5x40T-204Grey100 pcs.800 boxes
1801305701925180130SC-C4 14-18 B5x40T-204Black100 pcs.800 boxes
1801475701925180147SC-C4 18-22 W5x45T-204White50 pcs.800 boxes
1801545701925180154SC-C4 18-22 G5x45T-204Grey50 pcs.800 boxes
1801615701925180161SC-C4 18-22 B5x45T-204Black50 pcs.800 boxes
1801785701925180178SC-C4 22-26 W5x45T-204White50 pcs.800 boxes
1801855701925180185SC-C4 22-26 G5x45T-204Grey50 pcs.800 boxes
1801925701925180192SC-C4 22-26 B5x45T-204Black50 pcs.800 boxes
1801185701925181113SC-C4 14-18 CR5x40T-204White100 pcs.800 boxes
1801285701925181120SC-C4 14-18 DG5x40T-204Grey100 pcs.800 boxes
1801505701925181151SC-C4 18-22 CR5x40T-204White50 pcs.800 boxes
1801565701925181168SC-C4 18-22 DG5x40T-204Grey50 pcs.800 boxes
1700265701925170148SC-C4 14-18 CR5x40PH24White100 pcs.800 boxes
1700325701925170155SC-C4 14-18 DG5x40PH24Grey100 pcs.800 boxes
1700495701925170162SC-C4 18-22 CR5x40PH24White50 pcs.800 boxes
1700525701925170186SC-C4 18-22DG5x40PH24Grey50 pcs.800 boxes