Clamps for round lead

Material: High impact elastic polypropylene – halogen free and UV-stabilized.

  • Used in: concrete, wood, and brick.
  • Flexible: each size is suitable for several cable sizes.
  • For fastening to wood, use wood screws.
  • For fastening to concrete and brick, use Tillex KP plugs and wood screws.

Building Materials

  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Wood

Additional Information

Product Specifications

Ref. no.EANTypeDimension, mmColourPieces in a boxBoxes in a pallet
4000255701925150874B 3-53-5White100 pcs.4200 boxes
4000455701925150973B 5-75-7White100 pcs.4200 boxes
4000705701925150775B 7-107-10White100 pcs.3000 boxes
4001005701925150676B 10-1410-14White100 pcs.1200 boxes
4001305701925151079B 14-2014-20White100 pcs.800 boxes
4001605701925152014B 20-2620-26White50 pcs.800 boxes