Metal clamps for round lead

  • Material: Stainless steel. Steel quality A2 / AISI 304 / EN 1.4301.
  • For long lasting installation of cables and pipes.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, not influenced by UV-light.
  • Tillex MB 1 series: Clamps with single fortress for mounting of cable or pipe.
  • Tillex MB 2 series: Clamps with double fortress for mounting of cable or pipe.


Product Specifications

Ref. no.EANTypeDimension, mmColourPieces in a boxBoxes in a pallet
5900075701925590007MB 1-77Steel100 pcs.2200 boxes
5900145701925590014MB 1-7,57,5Steel100 pcs.2200 boxes
5900215701925590021MB 1-88Steel100 pcs.2200 boxes
5900385701925590038MB 1-8,58,5Steel100 pcs.2200 boxes
5900455701925590045MB 1-99Steel100 pcs.2200 boxes
5900525701925590052MB 1-9,59,5Steel100 pcs.2200 boxes
5900695701925590069MB 1-1010Steel100 pcs.2200 boxes
5900765701925590076MB 1-1111Steel100 pcs.2200 boxes
5900835701925590083MB 1-1212Steel100 pcs.1200 boxes
5900905701925590090MB 1-1414Steel100 pcs.1200 boxes
5901065701925590106MB 1-1616Steel100 pcs.1200 boxes
5901135701925590113MB 1-1818Steel100 pcs.800 boxes
5901205701925590120MB 1-2020Steel100 pcs.800 boxes
5901375701925590137MB 1-2222Steel100 pcs.800 boxes
5901445701925590144MB 2-1616Steel100 pcs.800 boxes
5901515701925590151MB 2-1818Steel100 pcs.800 boxes
5901685701925590168MB 2-2020Steel100 pcs.480 boxes
5901755701925590175MB 2-2222Steel100 pcs.480 boxes
5901825701925590182MB 2-2525Steel100 pcs.480 boxes
5901995701925590199MB 2-3030Steel50 pcs.480 boxes
5902055701925590205MB 2-3535Steel50 pcs.480 boxes
5902125701925590212MB 2-4242Steel50 pcs.480 boxes
5902295701925590229MB 2-4646Steel25 pcs.480 boxes
5902365701925590236MB 2-5050Steel25 pcs.480 boxes