Collar plugs + with plastic nail

  • Plastmaterial: Polyethylen (HDPE) Halogen free.
  • Suitable for wall, concrete, cavity.
  • Double expanding: plug expanding in both directions, which making it unique compared to competing products on the market.
  • New nylon nail is included.
  • Tools you need: Mandrel.
  • Fix channels using plastic nail and the red plug. This solution prevents the channel from collapsing during mounting.

Colour Code Licensed System coordinated with Thorsman

Mandrel for KP Collar plus  


Building Materials

  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Perforated bricks


Product Specifications

Ref. no.EANTypeDimension, mmDrill ØColourPieces in a boxBoxes in a pallet
3200545701925320055KP red +5,5x355,5Red100 pcs.1200 boxes
3400155701925340015Dorn100---Black1 pcs.