Drill clips with screw for round lead

Plastmaterial: High impact elastic polypropylene – halogen free and UV-stabilized.
Screw: Strong self drilling screw, Corrosion Class C4.

  • Strong self drilling screw 4.8x40mm with drill shaped tip allows it to mount directly in sheet metal – max. 2.0mm, without having to drill a pilot hole.
  • Recommended speed: 1500-2500 rpm.
  • PH2 or T20 screw types.
  • Corrosivity class C4 provides a high level of outdoor protection: Can be installed both indoors and outdoors.


Building Materials

  • Metal plate


Screw Types

  • PH2
  • T20

Product Specifications

Ref. nr.EANTypeScrew typeScrew, mmColourPieces in a box
1500965701925150096DC C4 14-18WPH24,8 x 40White100 pcs.
1501025701925150102DC C4 14-18 GPH24,8 x 40Grey100 pcs.
1501265701925150126DC C4 18-22 WPH24,8 x 40White50 pcs.
1501335701925150133DC C4 18-22 GPH24,8 x 40Grey50 pcs.
1600955701925160095DC C4 14-18 WT204,8 x 40White100 pcs.
1601015701925160101DC C4 14-18 GT204,8 x 40Grey100 pcs.
1601255701925160125DC C4 18-22 WT204,8 x 40White50 pcs.
1601325701925160132DC C4 18-22 GT204,8 x 40Grey50 pcs.

Product Video