Plugs clips for round lead, double

Plastmaterial: Impact resistant, UV-stabilized polypropylene, halogen free. Nail: Hardened steel, electrolytical zinc plated (10 µ) Corrosion Class C4.

  • For installation on flat surfaces.
  • Quick and easy fixing.
  • Drill hole with 5.5-6 mm drill, mount plugs clip and hit the nail in.
  • Suitable for brick and concrete.


Product Specifications

Ref. no.EANTypeNail, mmDrill ØColourPieces in a box
1064065701925106406PC-D 14-18 C2,5x405,5-6Natural / clear60 pcs.
1064135701925106413PC-D 14-18 W2,5x405,5-6White60 pcs.
1064205701925106420PC-D 14-18 G2,5x405,5-6Grey60 pcs.
1084175701925108417PC-D 18-22 C2,5x405,5-6Natural / clear40 pcs.
1084005701925108400PC-D 18-22 W2,5x455,5-6White40 pcs.
1084315701925108431PC-D 18-22 G2,5x455,5-6Grey40 pcs.