Stella plugs 10×49, for 1 layer plasterboard

For fixing of heavy objects in plasterboards, chipboards, fibre boards and other boards used in cavity walls.
Tillex has now launched the Stella plug which makes it easy to fix heavy objects like shelves, radiators, cupboards, light fittings, lamps and duct mouldings in all types of boards used in cavity walls.
  • Material: High-quality recycled nylon. Withstand temperatures from –40ºC to +80ºC.
  • The screws are 4.8 steel, zinc-plated min. 5 µm.
  • High load capacity
  • Easy fixing – needs NO special tools
  • Equally effective for insulated cavities
  • Will not damage the plasterboard
  • Encapsulated metal nut for high strength
  • Plug is removable
  • Only to be fixed by screwdriver with torgue control or by hand.

These screw plugs are protected by EU Design No 778.345.

Load capacity in other materials (safety factor 3 is included)

  • Aerated concrete: 62,46kg
  • Hollow bricks: 39,20kg

Building Materials

  • Plasterboard


Additional Information

Product Specifications

Ref. no.EANTypeDimension, mmColourPieces in a boxBoxes in a pallet
3300095701925330009ST RedRed50 pcs.800 boxes
3300055701925252844ST Red Pan Torx 255 x55Red25 pcs.800 boxes
3300075701925251342ST Red Pan Torx 255x80Red25 pcs.800 boxes
3300115701925251540ST Red Pan PZ25x55Red25 pcs.800 boxes
3300135701925252943ST Red Pan PZ25x80Red25 pcs.800 boxes
3300165701925251748ST Red UHJ Torx 255x65Red25 pcs.800 boxes
3300185701925253049ST Red UHJ Torx 255x80Red25 pcs.800 boxes
3300215701925251946ST Red Collum Torx 255x65Red25 pcs.800 boxes
3300265701925252349ST Red Eye5x55Red25 pcs.800 boxes
3300315701925252547ST Red Hook5x55Red25 pcs.800 boxes
3300365701925252745ST Red Angle5x55Red25 pcs.800 boxes

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