Cable clips for round lead

Plastmaterial: Impact resistant, UV-stabilized polypropylene. Halogen free. Nail: Hardened steel, electrolytical zinc plated (10 µ) Corrosion Class C4.

  • For use in most materials
  • In concrete, lightweight concrete and brick use it together with Tillex plugs for cable clips
  • Nail: Corrosion class C4 provides a high level of outdoor protection.

Building Materials

  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Lightweight concrete



Product Specifications

Ref. no.EANTypeNail, mmColourPieces in a boxBoxes in a pallet
1010155701925111202C 3-5 C1,2x16Natural / clear100 pcs.4200 boxes
1010255701925110816C 3-5 W1,2x16White100 pcs.4200 boxes
1010265701925101026C 3-5 B1,2x16Black100 pcs.4200 boxes
1018505701925116801C 4-6 C1,4x20Natural / clear100 pcs.4200 boxes
1010565701925107373C 5-7 G1,2x20Grey100 pcs.4200 boxes
1010365701925101036C 5-7 C1,2x20Natural / clear500 pcs.1200 boxes
1010305701925112100C 5-7 C1,2x20Natural / clear100 pcs.4200 boxes
1010435701925110915C 5-7 W1,2x20White100 pcs.4200 boxes
1010445701925101043C 5-7 W1,2x20White500 pcs.1200 boxes
1010455701925111189C 5-7 B1,2x20Black100 pcs.4200 boxes
1010585701925119055C 5-7 Br1,2x20Brown100 pcs.4200 boxes
1011005701925116412C 7-10 W1,8x25White100 pcs.3000 boxes
1011115701925101111C 7-10 W1,8x25White400 pcs.800 boxes
1011155701925116917C 7-10 W1,8x30White100 pcs.3000 boxes
1010605701925111479C 7-10 G1,8x25Grey100 pcs.3000 boxes
1010745701925101074C 7-10 G1,8x25Grey400 pcs.800 boxes
1010755701925111370C 7-10 G1,8x30Grey100 pcs.3000 boxes
1011405701925111585C 7-10 B1,8x25Black100 pcs.3000 boxes
1011505701925112582C 7-10 B1,8x30Black100 pcs.3000 boxes
1010815701925101081C 7-10 R1,8x25Red100 pcs.3000 boxes
1012105701925116511C 8-12 W2,0x30White100 pcs.2200 boxes
1012345701925101234C 8-12 W2,0x30White300 pcs.800 boxes
1012255701925117013C 8-12 W2,0x35White100 pcs.2200 boxes
1012275701925101227C 8-12 W2,0x45White100 pcs.2200 boxes
1011705701925111677C 8-12 G2,0x30Grey100 pcs.2200 boxes
1011735701925101173C 8-12 G2,0x30Grey300 pcs.800 boxes
1011855701925112773C 8-12 G2,0x35Grey100 pcs.2200 boxes
1012505701925112988C 8-12 B2,0x30Black100 pcs.2200 boxes
1012605701925114982C 8-12 B2,0x35Black100 pcs.2200 boxes
1013305701925116610C 10-14 W2,0x30White100 pcs.1200 boxes
1013555701925116719C 10-14 W2,0x35White100 pcs.1200 boxes
1013335701925101333C 10-14 W2,0x45White100 pcs.1200 boxes
1012755701925111875C 10-14 G2,0x30Grey100 pcs.1200 boxes
1012905701925113176C 10-14 G2,0x35Grey100 pcs.1200 boxes
1013805701925113282C 10-14 B2,0x30Black100 pcs.1200 boxes
1013905701925113480C 10-14 B2,0x35Black100 pcs.1200 boxes
1014505701925117617C 12-16 W2,0x35White100 pcs.1200 boxes
1014755701925117716C 12-16 W2,0x40White100 pcs.1200 boxes
1014055701925112278C 12-16 G2,0x35Grey100 pcs.1200 boxes
1014205701925113671C 12-16 G2,0x40Grey100 pcs.1200 boxes
1014955701925113985C 12-16 B2,0x35Black100 pcs.1200 boxes
1015055701925115385C 12-16 B2,0x40Black100 pcs.1200 boxes
1015705701925117419C 14-20 W2,0x35White100 pcs.800 boxes
1015905701925117815C 14-20 W2,0x45White100 pcs.800 boxes
1015255701925112674C 14-20 G2,0x35Grey100 pcs.800 boxes
1015455701925114272C 14-20 G2,0x45Grey100 pcs.800 boxes
1016105701925114487C 14-20 B2,0x35Black100 pcs.800 boxes
1016205701925114685C 14-20 B2,0x45Black100 pcs.800 boxes
1016805701925117112C 18-22 W2,0x45White100 pcs.480 boxes
1017005701925117914C 18-22 W2,0x55White100 pcs.480 boxes
1016405701925112872C 18-22 G2,0x45Grey100 pcs.480 boxes
1016605701925114876C 18-22 G2,0x55Grey100 pcs.480 boxes
1017155701925115088C 18-22 B2,0x45Black100 pcs.480 boxes
1017255701925115286C 18-22 B2,0x55Black100 pcs.480 boxes
1017755701925118010C 22-26 W2,0x45White50 pcs.800 boxes
1018005701925118119C 22-26 W2,0x55White50 pcs.800 boxes
1017405701925113077C 22-26 G2,0x45Grey50 pcs.800 boxes
1017605701925115477C 22-26 G2,0x55Grey50 pcs.800 boxes
1018155701925115682C 22-26 B2,0x45Black50 pcs.800 boxes
1018255701925115880C 22-26 B2,0x55Black50 pcs.800 boxes